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  • JohnPaulFutbol

    thanks for posting this, I’d never seen it. That made me tear up at one point. Not sure why, but that Owen stuff gets me. Jimmy T and I were just discussing him last weekend at dinner. It’s great to see how Owen’s family and Pintor bonded. Pintor was a great fighter.
    The Hub! Not so bad afterall.

  • thenonpareil

     @JohnPaulFutbol Hi JPF, 
    I didn’t even know people were allowed to comment on THE HUB!
    Yes, all ring fatalities are sad, but there was something particularly haunting about the death of Owen.  I think it has to do with the incredible portrait of him Hugh McIlvanney produced in “Onward Virgin Soldier.”  Seeing him humanized like that, I guess, makes recalling what happened to him that more poignant.  Also, his frail looks seemed to symbolically underline the madness of his chosen profession.  
    I may be working on something about Pintor.  Not sure.  But is is incredible that he is not in the hall of fame.  I guess the standards some of the BWAA guys use–”Uh, did I see him on TV in the 1990s?”–are not adequate enough to measure Pintor’s career.  That’s basically what passes for “historical” chops these days.  
    See, did you really think I was going to offer up a gentrified HUB?  I have to admit, though, it’s hard to fill THE HUB links with good stories from different people….

  • JohnPaulFutbol

     @thenonpareil I’ve come full circle on the HUB! Or is it half circle? How else would I have known that Oscar De La Hoya is still swinging?
    You’re working on something on Pintor.  I’m sure!