The Square Jungle On UCN: Porter-Brook, Danny Garcia, Lineal Titles, etc.


I have a regular column, “The Square Jungle” featured on the Undisputed Champion Network, a new digital entertainment website and video channel dedicated to the art and science of boxing. Here is an excerpt of the latest edition:

If Danny Garcia is the lineal junior welterweight champion, then Bigfoot DOES exist and he is operating a gastropub in New Guinea with a staff of dodoes as waiters. Like the obsession with pound-for-pound ratings, the lineal label is more about the egos of some media members who believe they have the answers to everything. Just to be clear: All championship lines have been interrupted by vacancies, retirements or deaths. Pretending there is a “man who beat the man who beat the man” is just elaborate fantasizing. General consensus, The Ring magazine champion, unified champion, undisputed champion – all of these are closer to being acceptable than the term “lineal,” which is handed out as randomly as the WBA names interim champions. Boxing has enough panjandrums running around; do we really need to have them fictionalizing history for us? Read “The Square Jungle” on UCN.

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