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Wildfire: Robert Guerrero Wins A War Against Yoshihiro Kamegai


If you wanted to know who was expected to win this fight when it was first signed, all you had to do was take a look at the disparity in purses: Guerrero earned $1 million—even though his last notable act was getting himself arrested for bringing a gun to a New York City airport—and Kamegai made a fairly measly $75,000 for his brave effort. But Kamegai, whose nickname, Maestrito, pays homage to late 1990s welterweight surfer/left-hook-artist Jose Luis Lopez, did his best to bring the concept of merit into the cynical, lopsided equation.

Poor balance, crude mechanics, and a flimsy resume made Kamegai a solid underdog entering the fight, but what he lacked in skill he made up for with desire, courage, and durability. When Guerrero matched him in each of these categories after taking an early lead, the result was a sensational, if gruesome, struggle between two men caught in an adrenaline rush as powerful as a riptide. Read “Wildfire: Robert Guerrero Wins A War Against Yoshihiro Kamegai” on Remezcla.

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