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Hell is for Heroes: Lucas Matthysse Powers Past John Molina


Boxing concretizes heroic concepts other sports can only pay lip service to: courage, endurance, character. Think about that the next time a television announcer hyperventilates about a pitcher staying on the mound despite suffering from a . . . blister. On Saturday night, Argentine Lucas Matthysse and Mexican-American John Molina, Jr., pushed each other to their physical limits in a mini-inferno that ended when Molina was battered into defeat in the 11th round.

A delirious crowd of over 6,000 at the StubHub Center in Carson, California, roared as Molina and Matthysse tried to dismantle each other bone by bone. At its rawest, a boxing match is a revelation of character, the embodiment of what Hemingway called “grace under pressure,” and both men showed the spirit unique to blood sports. Read “Hell is for Heroes: Lucas Matthysse Powers Past John Molina” on REMEZCLA.


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