RUBIN CARTER: 1937-2014


“See how miraculous my life is? For 20 years, I was in solitary confinement, reviled as a racist triple murderer, just narrowly escaping the electric chair. And then, just last month, I found myself sitting in the White House with the president of the United States, engaging him in serious, critical conversation from 8:30 in the evening until 2 in the morning. And on the 10th of January, I’m addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations. If that’s not miraculous, I don’t know what is. I am just grooving on this. This takes care of all of the pain and suffering that I’ve ever suffered in life, just this one moment. And you know, until I saw Denzel up on the screen, I didn’t know how good-looking I was.”

Rubin Carter to The New York Times, 2000

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