Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. Returns!



Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., L’Enfant terrible of boxing, returns to the ring on March 1 when he faces Brian Vera on HBO at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. No doubt Chavez will also bring along his favorite sidekick: Old Trouble. In fact, Old Trouble is what forced this rematch against Vera in the first place. Last year, Vera, a scrappy but limited pug from Austin, appeared to outwork Chavez over 10 rounds of crude slugging. Somehow, Chavez was awarded a unanimous decision as implausible as the plotline of Homeland. Jeers, not cheers, greeted the scorecards that night, and Chavez saw his hold over the Negative Appeal demographic—which just happens to be one of the most lucrative in boxing—strengthen considerably. Read Can Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.–The Boxer We Love to Hate–Redeem Himself? on Remezcla.


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