THE BIG HURT: Jeff Fenech on the Rampage in the 1980s


A ferocious pressure fighter with an uncompromising will, Fenech invariably bludgeoned his opponents into submission. At least he did when he had the equipment to do so. More often than not, however, Fenech had to fight with his brittle knuckles splintered in his wraps. Against Marcos Villasana, for example, he broke both hands but went on to grit out a decision in Melbourne. “Since I live in Australia, nobody really knows how bad my hands are, and what I’ve had to go through,” Fenech told KO in 1991. “I’ve stayed awake in the hospital after fights and been in more pain than at in any time in my life. After I fought Victor Callejas, I mostly cried all night, I was in such pain.” READ MORE FROM THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS

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