The Ugly American: Those Stars You Gaze Upon, or, On Marquez-Pacquiao


I have a regular column, “The Ugly American,” featured in ESQUINA, a new boxing magazine based out of Mexico City. The column runs in Spanish in the print version of Esquina and in English on their website. The latest edition of “The Ugly American” focuses on the suspicions surrounding Juan Manuel Marquez after his stunning KO of Manny Pacquiao. The cast of characters includes Victor Conte and Angel Heredia. Here is an excerpt:

Although Hernández now says he is an honest man—a claim which would really make him stand out in boxing—few seem to believe him. But is guilt by association enough to convict Márquez for such a heinous—and unproven—crime? After all, if you removed everybody from boxing with a suspicious past, you would be left with nothing but deserted gyms across North America. Now and then, a straggler, who can be counted among the innocent, would appear out of the blue, eyes blinking through a fine mist of dust. Without proof, accusing someone of such a blood sin amounts to a 50/50 proposition on a grave, grave matter: either Márquez is guilty or he is not. Even Russian Roulette would give you better odds.

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