“I would have fought anybody. Anybody. When Johnny Greco came down here, from Canada, that was in 1941, I think. In the Garden. A four-rounder. He was a ten-round fighter. But they bring him in …. He had flattened three guys in a row when they brought him down here. In fact, he flattened Harold Green. I didn’t care who he is. I beat him. I beat him. I busted his mouth. I banged him with a right uppercut. I enjoyed it all. I never really got hurt in the ring. I was shaken but I didn’t get stung. I had ribs broken. In the two years from 1941 to 1943, I had about forty fights. I’d fight Monday night, and Friday night I was fighting in the Garden. The following Tuesday I’d be fighting in the Broadway Arena or maybe in Coney Island. And after the service, from ’46 to ’50, I also had about forty fights. Like ten a year. I didn’t do anything else, just boxing.”

Herbie Kronowitz to Allen Bodner

*Birthdate approximate.

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