“In Detroit, I come across a lot of people who see me at the supermarket and say, ‘Aren’t you Emanuel Steward? What are you doing here?’ I tell them, ‘Just like you, I’m here to get some ribs and some beer and then go to a barbecue and get drunk.’ I feel that people need to relate. The kids coming up, particularly the typical young black males, have got to relate to good, hard-working people. In Detroit, the people they see with nice cars and nice homes are doing something illegal. When kids come by my house to take pictures outside, I open the door and say, ‘C’mon in.’ They start to ask, ‘How did you make money?’ And I tell them that the first thing I did was finish up high school as an honor student, get a job at Detroit Edison, work hard, and get promoted. I can say that I’ve been an influence on quite a few kids.”

Emanuel Steward to KO Magazine, 1993

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