THE UGLY AMERICAN: Junior & Maravilla


I have a regular column, “The Ugly American” featured in ESQUINA, a new boxing magazine based out of Mexico City. The column runs in Spanish in the print version of ESQUINA and in English on their website. The latest edition of “The Ugly American” focuses on the never-ending soap opera between Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., and Sergio Martinez. To meet the demand deadlines of print, this article was written in April, but is still relevant even in this accelerated digital age. Here is a brief excerpt:

Martinez is a star in America much in the same way George W. Bush once owned a “ranch.” When Vicente Fox visited Bush in Crawford, Texas, in 2005, he was mystified to find that the Bush ranch had neither horses nor cattle nor hogs nor anything else resembling ranch paraphernalia. There was, however, a seemingly limitless supply of scrub brush for Bush to haul around in front of press corps cameras at every opportunity. Like something out of Baudrillard, reality never got in the way of simulacra on the Bush Ranch and the same can be said about boxing. Martinez is a talented fighter whose popularity does not equal his rabid critical acclaim. And this is why “Maravilla” has spent a year heckling Chavez and weeping—telenovela-style—over the WBC middleweight title Martinez willingly vacated in order to appease HBO.

Read the rest of “The Ugly American” here.



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