TCS In Undisputed Fight Magazine


I have an article on Jack Dempsey published in the latest issue of Undisputed Fight Magazine. Hard Times: The Mystery of the Jack Dempsey-Jess Willard Fight is available as part of a free preview package. Just log in to Undisputed Fight Magazine for a temporary account. Here is an excerpt from the story:

And you? What would you do? If you stuffed your battered shoes with newspapers as a child? If you wore the same shirt to school week after week? If your parents picked up and lit out in a covered wagon from one bleak hinterland to another? If you knocked on doors looking for handouts? If you ate rotting banana skins from trash barrels? If you slept nights in hobo jungles and spent your days in the depths of a gloomy copper mine? If you had Doc Kearns as your right hand man, lopsided grin, hat brim askew, diamond stickpin glittering even on sunless days? What would you have done?


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