BERT SUGAR: 1937-2012


“The scale fell from my eyes and I suddenly became aware of writers like H.L. Mencken who saw things as they were, not as they ought to be. Then it was on to Ambrose Bierce, Oscar Wilde, Ring Lardner, Damon Runyon and others who, almost as if smelling flowers began to look around for the coffin, trafficked in the same unpleasant way of telling the truth, their writings crackling with wit and barbed-wire irony–called “cynicism” by those who didn’t understand the truth when they saw it.”

Bert Randolph Sugar

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  • elstriko27

    Sad day. I always injoyed burt the character if you will I only wish I could’ve known the man.
    I’m younger so my first memorys of him are in the “Great white hype “. Made me laugh when I realized how funny the few of his lines were. You soiled the great name of boxing

  • elstriko27

    I feel like a huge prick for misspelling Bert.
    Sorry been a long week with lil sleep

  • safesideOTR

    I liked Sugar a whole lot – he had an infectious enthusiasm when spinning his yarns. He’d always add a bit of perspective to counteract the spin, hyperbole and bullshit bandied around these days, also.