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The Cruelest Sport “Real Steel” Giveaway is over and the winners are longtime reader JDL and newcomer isaacjfeldberg. The Cruelest Sport will get in touch with you shortly.

Here are the answers to the quiz, which drew an overflow of responses. So many, in fact, that it has taken nearly two weeks to tally the results. Ahem.

Here we go:

The Cruelest Sport “Real Steel” Blu-Ray/DVD Giveaway Quiz Answers

1. Name the popular ex-multidivision champion and now TwitterBeast who once uttered these racist remarks: “African-Americans don’t have a heart….No African-American can take my punch.” ANSWER: These immortal words were uttered by the savior of boxing himself, Oscar De La Hoya, prior to his bout against Pernell Whitaker in 1997.

2. Name three professional fights that have taken place behind prison walls. Three separate cards, six different fighters. You can find a Hall of Famer, an ex-heavyweight champion, and a recent titleholder among the potential answers. ANSWER: James Scott, light heavyweight contender from the late 1970s fought exclusively out of Rahway prison in fights aired on national television. Arthur “Tap City” Harris also fought behind prison walls on a card promoted by Don King, who returned to the Marion Correctional Institution in 1977, this time as a free man. Harris stopped Johnny Heard in the fourth round. The undercard featured bouts involving Ruben Castillo, Wilfred Benitez, and Michael Dokes. In 2007, Samson Sor Siriporn scored a 10-round unanimous decision over Ayaka Miyano to win the WBC light flyweight title at the “Bangkok Hilton.”

3. Name three boxing figures from the 1900s-1920s who participated in the Klondike Gold Rush. Hint: one of them was still an active manager in the 1950s. ANSWER: Among the boxing participants to emerge from the Gold Rush were: Tex Rickard, Jack “Doc” Kearns, Wilson Mizner, and Willis Britt. Frank Slavin and Joe Boyle actually preceded the date range specified in the question, but everyone gets credit for naming them. The Cruelest Sport is easygoing.

4. This accomplished middleweight from yesteryear was also a professional bullfighter in Spain. Name him. (This question is for writers who think “matador versus bull” metaphors are original.) ANSWER: Former Spanish middleweight champion and three-time challenger for the European Boxing Union title Luis Folledo was also a professional bullfighter. He ended his boxing career with a record of 121-6-1.

5. For most of his career, this colorful heavyweight was managed by his sister, who was eventually committed to a mental institution. Name the fighter and the institution his sister wound up in. ANSWER: King Levinsky, best known for letting the jitters get to him before his disastrous bout against Joe Louis, was managed by his sister Lena, who wound up being committed to Kankakee State Hospital in Illinois.

6. This light-heavyweight saw his world-title challenge ended when he suffered a deep cut after he banged his head with a television camera in the ring. Who was he? ANSWER: Adolpho Washington suffered a TKO in his title challenge against Virgil Hill in 1993 when he was sucker punched by a television camera that got too close to the action in–where else?–Fargo, North Dakota.

7. Name a former world champion whose name was potent enough to make it on a heroin glassine envelope in New York City during the 1990s. ANSWER: Mike Tyson.

8. This writer, foreshadowing participatory journalism by many years, once entered the ring with one of the most savage fighters in history in order to report on the experience. Name the writer and the fighter who knocked him unconscious. ANSWER: Jack Dempsey, whose viciousness knew few boundaries inside a ring, flattened Paul Gallico and left him unconscious on the mat.

9. More than 60 years ago, a heavyweight fringe contender was hospitalized by a film noir icon in a barroom brawl. They overturned several tables and upended a piano. Name the fighter and the film star. ANSWER: In 1951, Robert Mitchum showed heavyweight Bernie Reynolds what the black lights were all about in a barroom brawl at the Red Fox in Colorado Springs. Reynolds had beaten Cesar Brion and Nathan Mann, but other than his brouhaha with Mitchum, he was best known for being knocked out by Rocky Marciano.

10. This 1920s star had the terrible distinction of having killed two men during his tumultuous career. Name the fighter and the two men who died as a result of injuries suffered in fights against him. (Hint: It is not Max Baer.) ANSWER: Bud Taylor, “The Terror of Terre Haute,” killed Frankie Jerome and Clever Sencio. Taylor was as rough-and-tumble as they made them in a rough-and-tumble age.


The Cruelest Sport has not received compensation of any kind from anyone involved in the production of “Real Steel” or the Blu-Ray/DVD release of “Real Steel.” In fact, The Cruelest Sport declined freebies. This is for boxing watchdogs whose own ethics are awfully flexible or non-existent altogether, despite how often they dribble forth about how principled they are.****


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