“I don’t really like fighting. When I first started I done it to become fit. Now it’s a full-time job. See, I got no alternatives. I can’t do nuffink else. Oh yeah, I scraped maggots off cowskins in the abattoir–but only because I was getting $100 a day for it. Boxing’s the only thing I’m good at. The only thing. At school I was hopeless. Even at other sports. I was 16th man at cricket. Always came last in the bloody races. Boxing is the only thing in me life I won a trophy for.”

Lester Ellis to Tess Lawrence

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  • jeffd13

    I’m down with this wee bit of truth…great stuff.


    • Carlos Acevedo

      Hi Jeffd13,

      Thanks for writing. Yeah, “Perspective” is something like “Prizefighters Say the Darndest Things.” You should check out the Perspective category for more quotes: